Gold Film Package – £1500 – £2500

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18 Jun 2014 in Video Packages

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A visually dynamic film that shows your special day through a creative and cleverly directed cinematic view, to capture you and your loved once at you’re most perfect.


1 x Single camera production or 2 x multi camera production


A cinematic based style film that is designed to tell your day through an array of beautiful imagery and real time atmosphere. Designed to show each individual emotion personal to each couple and to capture the day in a beautiful and dynamic way so to never miss the tiny and intimate details of each moment.

Shooting style

Cinematic style shooting capturing every emotion and tiny detail. Using the most modern shooting styles and techniques to show the day in the most intimate and stylistic way possible.

Editing style:

A dynamic visually led edit. Showing the day in a beautiful, chronological order best depicting the beauty and atmosphere of the day. Beautifully graded to a colour grading of your choice, accompanied with the sound track of your choice.

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